F-You, 2010

January 6, 2011

I’ve never been much for new year’s resolutions.  I once wrote a list of “New Year’s Possibilities” that I never really followed through on.  However, this year is different, I’m resolved to have a better year than last year.  2010 was rough, beautiful, but rough.  I don’t think I have ever grown so much as a person as I did during 2010, but I also don’t think I have ever faced so many trials or setbacks as I did over the last 12 months.  I’m thankful for everything that the last year brought me, including a much needed dose of maturity.  I’m looking forward to all the great things 2011 has in store!



July 12, 2010

Today was my only day off in a 12 day stretch so it was uber important to make good use of my free time.  Kendra and I started the day with an amazing breakfast at Broder Cafe, a Swedish eatery in southeast Portland.  We then walked to New Seasons to pick up ingredients to make homemade pickles!

After making the pickles we watched some TV and played a couple games of Phase 10, overall a pretty awesome day off.

The cucumber slices soaked in brine for 4 hours.

Kendra used her mortar and pestle to grind up the spices.

In two weeks we will be enjoying our own homemade pickles.

July 9, 2010


July 5, 2010

Rogue River, OR

My cousin Lindsay had her first child a few months ago.  In a closely knit family like mine, I have had the privilege of watching a lot of my younger cousins grow up.  Lindsay is the first of my younger cousins to be a parent, it’s been tremendous to see how bringing a life into the world has brought maturity and perspective to her.  I snapped these photos over Father’s Day weekend.

Enchiladas For Oaxaca

July 1, 2010

My friend Luis is going on a trip to Oaxaca in a couple weeks and decided to throw an awesome dinner party to raise funds.  His mother and himself (pictured above) made some authentic mole enchiladas, everything was hand made including the tortillas!  Everyone who came threw some money into the bucket to help Luis purchase medical supplies for impoverished villagers living in/near Oaxaca.

The turn out was pretty good, Kendra and I were stoked to be able to help Luis out as he seeks to do justice in a broken world.  The enchiladas were pretty bomb too!